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Empowering HR in the Digital Age  

As an HR professional, you are on the forefront of championing your company values and culture, ensuring the success of each employee, and instilling a workplace that is productive and positive. business-person-touch-screen.jpg

However, the reality is that many HR organizations rely on manual processes and disparate technology systems to do their jobs. This hinders productivity and results in frustrated employees. Given your vital role in your company, it’s important to eliminate these obstacles and foster a culture that embraces a digital workplace. 

View our webinar and get a closer look at how to give employees access to the HR services they need while making HR more efficient. In this webinar, we’ll show you can leverage ServiceNow, an enterprise platform that is rooted in taking service delivery to a whole new level. We'll review how to enhance your overall employee experience and modernize for the digital age by: 

  • Capturing, managing, and measuring HR work in a structured manner
  • Establishing a self-service portal for employees, including key payroll functions
  • Managing cross-system, cross-departmental employee processes
  • Making more informed resource decisions and proactively improve services
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