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Featured Webinar: 

Internet of Things: Trigger & Automate Workflows Managed by ServiceNow 


Currently, a service request ticket is usually created by an employee who observes or experiences a situation that requires some kind of service remediation. This approach is reactive, as the service request is triggered once an issue has already occurred, resulting in delays, and loss of productivity.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how IoT concepts can be leveraged on the ServiceNow platform to enable the digitization, automation and evolution of manual service workflows. We'll review how to:

  • Shift from a reactive state to proactive
  • Utilize sensors to gain physical awareness of the world around us
  • Leverage sensor data for analytics. Derive insights and trigger workflows that capture value.
  • Digitize the manual and physical workflows
  • Automate workflows
  • Provide visualization and reporting for end-to-end service management
  • Evolve your ServiceNow platform
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