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Featured Webinar: Optimizing Your Investment
How to Leverage ServiceNow Across the Enterprise

An investment in the ServiceNow platform is clearly about more than just Incident, Problem, and Change Management. Our clients are finding creative, efficient ways to leverage the ServiceNow platform to manage services. How can you make sense of these trends and deliver services better, faster, cheaper? 

Optimize_InvestmentDiscover how you can crawl, walk, and run to get the most out of your investment. As part of this discussion, we will focus on how to achieve operational excellence following a roadmap that incorporates people, process and the ServiceNow platform to span across the enterprise.

We'll explore how to optimize your ServiceNow investment, including:

  • Implementing customer-centric, business-drivien operations
  • Making IT easy, simple, scalable, valuable
  • Leveraging the 'Art of the Possible' to deliver services better, faster, cheaper

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