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Featured ServiceNow Webinar

Know Your Assets Inside Out:

Leverage ServiceNow Asset Management

No matter your role within an organization, at some point in your career you are tasked with reducing costs. One of the most logical places to start is to look at how you are tracking your hardware and software assets. Organizations should know their assets inside out - the assets they have, where they are, usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used, how they are configured, what they cost, and the value they deliver to the business. The reality is that many organizations cannot fully answer these questions, which results in significant unnecessary spending.

We'll examine how a sound Asset Management program can not only save you costs, but generate value to your business. Learn how automating the entire asset life cycle process with ServiceNow Asset Management enables you to:

  • Provide better visibility by making informed asset decisions
  • Reduce costs by eliminating waste
  • Mitigate risks by being audit-ready

We’ll also show you how to manage non-IT assets, such as facilities assets. Don’t let your assets be a fiscal drain on your organization, register now to reserve your seat.

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