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Featured Webinar: 

Understand Your Spend: Push your Dollar Farther by Leveraging Business Management in ServiceNow  


Having visibility into the true costs of services and investments in an enterprise can be challenging.  In today's highly competitive environment, being able to have broad visibility into costs is vital to focusing more budget and resources on innovation. With ServiceNow Business Management you can gain financial visibility, align the portfolio to the business, and accelerate delivery.

View our webinar to learn how you can push your dollar farther by: better managing demand, balancing resources, managing agile and waterfall projects, performing budget planning, and mapping costs to technical and business services.

In this webinar, we’ll review how to:

  • Align demand and strategy by leveraging the Business Relationship Manager
  • Achieve cost savings while improving  service quality using Application Portfolio Management
  • Drive down total cost of ownership using IT Financial Management
  • Understand the spend for operations, outside the confines of IT

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