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Featured Webinar: 

Employees are the New Customer:
Delivering the Ultimate Digital HR Experience


Many organizations have mastered the digital experience for their customers – customers can purchase products, interact with customer service to answer questions, and find the status of their orders. The reality is that the moment employees walk in to their office, they do not always have the same modern conveniences available to them to be able to be a productive and happy employee.

As 2017 comes to an end and you begin to think about your 2018 goals, how will you plan to further digitalize your company? Many organizations think that this is an IT initiative but in reality HR is at the forefront. How many times does HR field a name change request that then triggers multiple related actions? How many times does HR staff field questions that could have been handled without human intervention? These types of interactions hinder both employee and HR productivity.

View our webinar and learn how you can leverage automation to deliver the ultimate digital HR experience your employees are craving in today’s environment. Specifically, we will discuss how to:

  • Streamline manual HR processes, offer choices to employees and provide guidance as needed
  • Leverage predictive analysis to help employees get what they need quickly and efficiently
  • Establish the foundation to consumerize the HR experience

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