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Featured ServiceNow Webinar

ServiceNow Financial Management:
Drive Efficiencies & Lower Costs 
ServiceNow IT Financial Management

Are you under pressure to drive efficiencies and lower costs across departments, while also contributing to the growth of the business? You’re not alone. Often times, archaic processes and legacy systems prevent organizations from accessing the data that would provide the insight you need into why and where the budget is allocated and spent.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to leverage ServiceNow Financial Management to meet your financial strategies head on. Understand how to accurately map the costs of your service applications, projects and infrastructure back to the consumers of these services. We'll review how to:

  • Capture and allocate costs fairly and transparently
  • Identify important cost trends that impact efficiency
  • Connect cost to service usage and drill deep into service costs
  • Correlate how much was spent and why spend occurred
  • Adjust budgets, reduce unnecessary costs

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