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Featured Webinar: 

What's New: ServiceNow Kingston Release



Get the latest on ServiceNow Kingston! View an overview focusing on enhanced capabilities designed to help you take your employee and customer experiences to a whole new level of modernization.  

 Specifically, we’ll review:

  • Agent Intelligence – Increase efficiency of your agents by reducing your call handle time and cost. Learn how to leverage machine learning for everyday work in the Incident and Customer Service Management processes.
  • User Experience – Improve the efficiency of your users and data quality. Take advantage of key user experience enhancements, including: major Incident Management handling, free text analytics, HR message templates, and Service Catalog user experience capabilities.
  • Service Mapping – Map multiple services quickly and produce usable results with new traffic-based discovery. Learn how to leverage a guided user experience for parallel mapping to progressively refine and complete business service maps.
  • Performance Analytics – Collect external data sources to add to your analyses for complete visibility. Explore third party data source integration with Performance Analytics.
  • Software Asset Management – Improve the tracking of costs and enhance compliance. Utilize reconciliation grouping dimensions to track costs and blacklisted software discovery to identify installed software that is not company-approved.
  • IBM Watson Conversation Service – Free-up technicians for high complexity value-add tasks. Learn how to leverage IBM Watson Conversation service to allow virtual agents to deflect low level incidents and information collection.

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