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ServiceNow Security Operations: Identify, Prioritize, and Respond to Threats Faster



Security teams today are inundated with alerts and information from a growing number of siloed point solutions. In parallel, attacks via both known and unknown vulnerabilities continuously target critical business services, IT infrastructure, and users. These incidents and vulnerabilities lack business context, making it difficult to know which ones pose the greatest threat to the organization. 

Learn how ServiceNow Security Operations helps organizations connect security and IT teams, respond faster and more efficiently to threats, and get a definitive view of their security posture. In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of ServiceNow Security Operations, including highlighting the new capabilities and enhancements in the Jakarta release. Specifically, we will cover how to: 

  • Hand off tasks easily between security and IT, including controlling access to security data and SLA tracking
  • Prioritize security incidents based on potential impact to your organization
  • Delegate tasks automatically with predefined workflows

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