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Featured Webinar: 
Whirlpool Corporation: Taking Control of the Complete Project Life Cycle with ServiceNow

Visibility, adapting at the speed of business, keeping project teams informed, staff allocation, resource forecasting – all core fundamentals to successful project management. The reality is that many organizations operate with manual processes, multiple systems, and spreadsheets to handle the full spectrum of project management.
ServiceNoww Project Portfolio Management

This webinar details how Whirlpool Corporation was able to overcome these common challenges by leveraging the power of ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management, Demand Management, and Resource Management. Hear first-hand from Whirlpool as they detail how they have been able to automate and streamline their Project Portfolio Management processes by implementing a single point of entry for their demand and resource management.

You'll learn how ServiceNow can help modernize your enterprise and provide:

  • A single point of entry to collect and evaluate IT demand
  • Visibility into which resources are needed to support the portfolio of demands and projects
  • Centralization and communication of projects 

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